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Decades of experience in our justice system

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Time-tested tactics blended with modern technologies and approaches

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Combining experience, innovation, and creativity to find real-world solutions

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Areas of Practice

Federal Criminal Defense

Few things in life are more terrifying than a federal prosecution.

White Collar Defense

White collar cases come in one shape and size --- SERIOUS.

Defense of Professionals

Every profession comes with its own unique set of perils.

State Criminal Defense

State court prosecutions are intense business.

Health Care Defense

Health Care prosecutions are a priority for the Department of Justice and the Kentucky Attorney General.

Defense of Public Officials

Prosecuting public corruption is the FBI’s leading domestic priority.

Whistleblower Suits

State and federal laws protect “whistleblowers” who report companies or individuals that have committed fraud on the government.

Civil and Domestic Matters

Not all tough times involve criminal charges.

Coal Mining

The mining industry is under constant federal and state regulatory scrutiny.

Appellate Practice

There is an art to appellate advocacy.

Internal Investigations

Nothing can cripple a company quicker than a breakdown of internal controls.

Technology-Based Cases

Modern cases are built by prosecutors with modern tools and techniques.

About Our Partners

Brandon Marshall and Patrick Nash

Our partners share a combined 40-plus years of experience in the law. Patrick F. Nash's 20-plus years as a litigator of difficult and complex criminal matters, combined with Brandon W. Marshall's prior work as an investigator, federal prosecutor, and Director of Financial Litigation for the United States Attorney's Office give the clients of Nash Marshall, PLLC a powerful one-two punch. Learn more about Patrick F. Nash and Brandon W. Marshall.