Federal Criminal Defense

With seasoned defense practitioners and former federal prosecutors among its rank, Nash Marshall offers its clients a best-of-both-worlds approach to federal criminal defense.

The attorneys of Nash Marshall share more than a century of combined federal criminal justice experience. Over their careers, Nash Marshall’s attorneys have litigated a broad spectrum of federal matters including: Health Care Fraud; Bribery and Public Corruption; International Extradition; Controlled Substance Offenses; RICO; Cyber-Crimes; Firearm Offenses; Securities Fraud; Prescription Drug Offenses Involving Pharmacists and Physicians; Civil Rights Violations; Federal Program Fraud and Criminal False Claims; Immigration Offenses; Murder and Death Penalty Cases; Money Laundering; Mining Offenses; Environmental Crime; Violent Crime and Arson; Social Security Offenses; ERISA Violations; Counterfeiting; Prison Litigation; Food and Drug Violations; Sex-Based Offenses, including Illicit Images; Smuggling; Postal Offenses; Sex Offender Registration; Federal Fish & Wildlife Violations; Probation and Supervised Release Violations; and Organized Crime and Continuing Criminal Enterprises, among many others.